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Travelling Light Christian Retreats

Provision for the Journey

Light for the Path

Freedom to Move Forward

  Are you looking for a day or longer away from   everyday pressures?

  Do you want space to find yourself and God?

  Then a warm welcome awaits you at a Travelling   Light retreat.

  You can come by yourself or with friends.

  The retreats are for everyone, whether you have   been on retreat before or this is your first time.

Why do I go on Travelling Light retreats ? Well for a start, it is always good to get away from your own normal environment and, if your usual day away is shopping in your local big city or a trip to the cinema, theatre or beach, then this is something entirely different. It is a quiet space and, lets face it, the world gets noisier all the time - even in the countryside jets and farm machinery can be pretty noisy. Here, amongst people of like mind, searching for a few answers and looking deeper into the spiritual side of life, you can relax and ask anything you like, give your opinion on others' questions or simply listen. There is nothing 'holier than thou' about it and certainly not about Robin and Carole, though they will, maybe, challenge you and help you to think more deeply and, possibly, work through problems you may be confronting. You may also find you come closer to the source, God the great Creator, by giving Him your whole attention, but He will never push into your life unless you ask. There is lively discussion and fellowship with others during the day and over lunch, time to be creative or simply to opt out and go for a walk. A warm welcome will be given. Come and give it a try.  C.J.

St. Dubricius Church, Whitchurch, Herefordshire.

The church Is beside the River Wye and is the venue for the Reflective Quiet retreats.